Can A Broken Tooth Be Fixed?

Can broken tooth be fixed? A broken tooth is more than a dental concern; it’s a form of trauma that can hinder your smile and erode your confidence. The causes, ranging from biting into hard foods like candy or ice cubes to accidental falls or underlying cavities, can be distressing. Fortunately, modern dentistry, armed with advanced technology, offers solutions to address various dental issues and question “Can broken tooth be fixed”.

What causes a Chipped or Broken Tooth? 

It is important to understand the factors behind a chipped or broken tooth for preventive care. Various reasons contribute to tooth damage, whether accidental or due to underlying dental conditions. Some prevalent causes include:

  • Biting down on hard objects: Accidentally losing a fragment of your tooth when biting into something solid is a common occurrence. Hard foods like boiled sweets, ice cubes, fruit stones or bones are frequent culprits.
  • Teeth grinding (bruxism): People who grind their teeth while sleeping or in response to stress, subject their teeth to significant pressure. This habit may lead to worn-down or broken teeth.
  • Injury: Direct blows to the mouth, chin, or jaw can result in a chipped or broken tooth.
  • Gum disease: Advanced gum disease, particularly severe periodontitis leading to bone loss, increases the susceptibility of teeth to root fractures.

What Does a Broken Tooth Feel Like? what does a Broken tooth feels like

Experiencing a chipped or broken tooth can bring various sensations, depending on the severity of the damage. In many cases, a broken tooth tends to be painful, especially when you bite down. Additionally, you may notice increased sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks, leading to discomfort while consuming items with extreme temperatures, such as ice cream or hot soup.

When your tooth gets chipped, it can hurt because the hard outer layer is damaged, exposing the soft inside part to nerves and blood vessels. If you don’t fix it, the pain can get worse, and you might get an infection that affects your bones and gums nearby.

How to repair a broken tooth? 

When you have a broken tooth, there are different dental treatments available to help you. These treatments can be customized based on how badly your tooth is damaged. Let’s explore some of the main ways of the question “Can broken tooth be fixed”.

  • Crown:

Crowns, covering the entire affected portion, offer a robust solution for broken teeth. Thicker than veneers, crowns restore both the tooth’s shape and appearance. Typically crafted from metal, porcelain, or ceramic, crowns are considered a safe and effective means to fix or restore decayed or broken teeth, and help you with the answer to the question “Can broken tooth be fixed”.

  • Veneers:

Custom-made colored shells utilizing porcelain or composite resin material make veneers a popular cosmetic and restorative solution. Especially effective for enhancing smiles affected by tooth loss, veneers address both dental and cosmetic concerns.

  • Dental Implant:

This extensive procedure aims to restore broken teeth, particularly those near the gum line. Dentists undertake a straightforward process of removing the broken tooth and affixing an implant.

  • Bonding:

Deemed a minimally involved dental procedure, bonding employs a simple chip of composite material to correct and enhance the tooth’s appearance. The composite molding is then hardened using a blue light to secure the fix.

  • Root Canal:

In cases where broken or cracked teeth lead to infectious pulp development in the tooth’s void space, dentists often recommend a root canal. This involves removing the infection and subsequently placing a crown to prevent further infection spread.

  • Filling:

Among the safest dental procedures, fillings are used to temporarily fix cracked or broken teeth. This painless and cost-efficient process is beneficial for teeth suffering from cavities.

  • Dental Sealants:

Ideal for addressing tooth holes, dental sealants serve as protective barriers for infected and cracked teeth. Sealants act against cavity-causing bacteria and are applied to the backside of molars and premolars.

If your tooth is broken, chipped, or cracked, it’s important to see a dentist right away. Contact Clearwater Family Dental, Florida, for expert advice, and book your appointment today.

How do you take care of a broken tooth at home?

So, you’ve got a broken tooth, and you’re wondering Can broken tooth be fixed at home to ease the discomfort until you can go to a dentist. No worries, here’s a simple guide to help you out:

  • Give Your Mouth a Rinse:

Start by rinsing your mouth gently with some warm water. This helps get rid of any bits and pieces and keeps things clean.

  • Cool It Down:

If there’s swelling or pain, a cold compress can be your friend. Wrap some ice or a cold cloth and apply it to the area. It helps numb the pain and reduces swelling.

  • Handle the Pain:

Over-the-counter pain relievers can be handy for managing aches. Just stick to the recommended dose. Avoid putting aspirin directly on the tooth; it might not be too friendly with your gums.

  • Mind Your Food:

Stick to softer foods to be gentle on your damaged tooth. Say no to extremes – too hot or too cold might trigger some sensitivity.

  • DIY Repair Kits:

You can find these at your local pharmacy or online. They’re not a permanent fix, but they can help with minor chips or sharp edges until you see your dentist.

  • Protect Those Edges:

If the broken tooth has rough edges, a bit of dental wax or sugar-free gum can be a makeshift shield. It prevents those sharp bits from causing more trouble.

  • Keep Hydrated:

Drink water to stay hydrated. It’s good for your overall oral health and helps keep things clean inside your mouth.

Remember, these are just temporary measures. Seeing your dentist is crucial for a proper fix and a long-term solution. They can figure out what’s going on and provide the right treatment for your broken tooth.

Ready to restore your smile? Contact Clearwater Family Dental in Clearwater, Florida. You can book appointments online or call us at (727) 304-1673. For existing patients, reach us at (727) 334-7990. Let’s make your dental care a priority today!


 What are the common causes of a chipped or broken tooth?

Causes include biting hard objects, teeth grinding, injuries, and advanced gum disease. Identifying these is vital for preventive care.

Can broken tooth be fixed?

Yes, timely intervention by a dentist offers effective solutions for fixing a broken tooth and preventing complications.

Can a broken tooth cause persistent pain?

Yes, untreated broken teeth may lead to persistent pain, indicating potential complications. Timely intervention is crucial.

Are DIY repair kits safe for fixing a broken tooth temporarily?

While they offer short-term relief, DIY kits are not substitutes for professional care. Consult your dentist for guidance.

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